Shaking off the rust.

Life is in locomotion.  Man has to keep making. He has to keep moving or he will die a death that would have haunted his living years.

For years, I kept stalling from writing. Many reasons contributed to that. The biggest was fear. The fear of not having something to say, something unique that people would want. That fear kept me in a comfort zone I refused to move out of for the longest time. Sharing links on Twitter and Facebook became modus operandi. Fuelled by the likes or retweets I sat in the comfort of having producing the least amount of work because it would draw the least amount of criticism.

Well, fuck that.  What happens when you keep eating and not producing? You become fat.  Target achieved mate. I did it for so many years and I think psychologically I influenced my physicality. Alright Jabbah, it’s time to move off this island.

But why did I stall so much? I was afraid. Fear is a powerful inhibitor of actions. But when you embrace the fact that irrespective of what you do your work is the only thing that outlives you and the only thing you can call your own besides your body, you realize if you want to make a difference, you have to produce. And when you produce is when you start to live. The state of flow you induce is when you effect harmony between your physical being and your spiritual one.

All you can do to have a meaningful life is to move. Is to make.

But you can’t just will work out of thin air because willpower is a resource that needs replenishment through action. The more you make the more your will is to make. What I know might work is to put yourself in an environment that forces creativity. It might not guarantee that you might start creating, but not doing it is certainly a sure shot way of not being able to create.

That environment happened last week when I placed myself, circumstantially, in the midst of people constantly producing. I have this urge I can’t contain any more. Perhaps it was seeing some of the older blog posts I wrote as part of different companies or perhaps it was that my head was abuzz with a bunch of thoughts. Perhaps it was going through Paul Graham’s essays and wondering what if I could write like that? I don’t know what the reason was nor do I think it is particularly important because it was unique to me this feeling and all I can do is I wish you have your own.

You can force it by placing yourself in the midst of constant productivity around you and breathe into it.

Produce daily. Embrace failure for what it is. Set up a schedule and constantly work towards bettering your craft. I’ll leave you with a video I go to often when the fear creeps up.

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