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I am a mechanical engineer by degree. I am a technology enthusiast by interest. I’m a learner by design. I work in Bangalore I am currently fooling around in Singapore.  As my good friend says, “I’m a global citizen”.


I have worked in a few different places. I’d be the cocktail drink you’d see at work, I’m trying to find my scotch on the rocks in terms of focus. Over the course, I have written content for marketing, designed ads, written about social media, opened up a few offices around India (not my own) and most recently been designing games. I seek opportunities in video games and product marketing.


I have had so many breakups and makeups with blogging that it would make a blog out of itself.

[UPDATE] After much introspection. George RR Martin puts it best here.

My website has a number of different pages, but sometimes I want to add stuff that does not fit conveniently into any of the established categories. This is better. I will talk politics here, in future. I will talk about pizza here, in future. I will report on trips here, upload con reports, complain about stuff (there’s a lot to complain about in modern life, it seems to me, and we all need a place to vent). I will, in short, post whatever the hell I want to here.

Just don’t expect me to do it very often.


Ever since the first Atari that I got to play with my friend in Muscat, Oman, I have fallen in love with gaming. I realised over the years it was the competition that I enjoyed. Video games were beatable and I wanted to beat them. Stretch the rules and break them. I don’t know where that competitive streak came from but it served me well when I played Quake 3. Towards that a passion and vocation is competitive video gaming, also called eSports. If I weren’t paid to do anything I’d be doing something in eSports.

With Clan SK in Cologne.

2005: At the height of my Warcraft 3 interest, albeit a blurred picture.

With carmac at blizzcon

2012: More recently with Carmac and Dimaga. A friend I have known online for many years.



I had the original iPod gifted to me and I was blown away. When Steve Jobs had released the iPhone I don’t know if I was more impressed with the man or the device he had just launched. I spent about 6 months saving up for the iPhone.

This was the iPhone 2. A clunky piece of hardware. But it was my first foray and love into Apple design. I was hooked onto minimalism design perfection of which Apple is the epitome.

Steve Jobs has left us but has left us with an important way to view the world. Apple has my support, to the extent they don’t fuck it up, till they follow that design philosophy. Sometimes I get a little excited in my enthusiasm (and defending Apple against my Android infiltrated friends), but what is a fan if not passionate?


Remember the gaming thing right? Know what preceded it? Comic books. Specifically Super hero comic books. This I’d have my genes to blame. My dad was a huge fan of the Phantom comics released in India and every flight we took I eagerly waited to get my latest comic book gift. Comic books have been a staple love for me ever since. I follow the Marvel universe sprinkled with the DC universe religiously.

I also watch every single super hero movie.

Sometimes twice.


This is the nickname I have gone by for a long time. It is inspired by 2 things. My name had the letters K, A and G. Adding an O at the end was sort of silly. I was a huge fan of Virtua fighter then and it seemed like a god send that I randomed the Ninja character Kage, short for Kage-Maru, in it. I loved doing the roll back and upper cut. Then Mortal Kombat came out,  I played Johnny Cage for a long time. The name sort of stuck for the years and sometimes even my friends call me that. The other nicknames I go by are Str3y (internet speak for sting ray) and iCariuM (from the fantastic malazan book of the fallen). It’s pronounced like “cage”. Not the erstwhile Naruto spin of late. It does mean a Ninja. I will hurt you if you pronounce it the Japanese way.

The character that inspired a nickname for years.

The character that inspired a nickname for years.



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